Interviews about the  general strike Rome's Rebellion Chris Richards The Eclectic Radical: Episode 20
PREAMBLE Tweet, Retweet, email, share, post on Facebook, Instagram, distribute as flyers, and read this aloud to anyone and everyone you can; those you think will join you and even those you think might not. The greatest lie that has been put on people since civilization began was that they had no power. Collectively, we are unstoppable. Only through division have we been suppressed. Anyone with a platform needs to spread the word. We were divided years ago. Divided by our own group’s special interests. African Americans, Native Americans, Unions, LGBTQ+ communities, environmentalists, women’s rights, labor rights, anti-war activists and anti-corruption activists have all been reduced to focusing on their own agenda. A united, intersectional front is what it will take to win back rights for all.  You may not agree with everything in this manifesto, but that is the price of solidarity. If you were offered 70% of the reforms you wanted but it meant 30% of the reforms you didn’t care abou