Retweet, email, share, post on Facebook, Instagram, distribute as flyers, to any and everyone you can. Those you think will join you and those who won't. The greatest lie that has been put on people since civilization began was that they had no power. Collectively, we are unstoppable.

Only through division have we been suppressed. Anyone with a platform needs to spread the word. We have been divided years ago. Divided by our own group’s special interests. African Americans, Native Americans, Unions, LGBT, environmentalists, women’s rights, labor rights, anti-war activists and anti-corruption activists have all been reduced to focusing on their own agenda. A united front is what it will take to win back rights for all. 

You may not agree with everything in this manifesto, but that is the price of solidarity. If you were offered 70% of the reforms you wanted but it meant 30% of the reforms you didn’t care about or were opposed to were also included, and you rejected the proposal on those grounds, did you really want the reforms you said you did? Through unity we shall win. If we allow adversaries to divide us, we can never win. Small victories perhaps, but ultimately, we will sell each other out for our own special interests. The way forward is through a unified coalition. 

We now are at a crossroads I thought we would have reached 12 years ago. If not now, then when? If not you, then who? I believe in a better world. If you are offended by the horrors you see, than you believe in a better world too. Cynicism is easy and we cling to it because we fear the cost of change. Yet, we pay in blood for this hellscape we call normalcy. The lie of powerlessness is just that, a lie. You can remake the world into the just and fair place you want it to be, through collective action. This is how we do it. This is what we demand. This is how we win.                                                   

Every revolution needs a declaration of demands. 
These are the demands of the impoverished, quarantined masses yearning to be free. A People’s Manifesto For a Better World. 

Everyone has the right to nutrition, shelter, clothing, recreation, education and income. Now is the time for action. General strike! Here is every reform needed to bring about economic & environmental justice for the planet and humanity. This will be done by a stay-at-home work strike. There is no army in the world large enough to force everyone to work. If all striking workers stay inside, there will be no protesters attacked or jailed. No propaganda of rioting strikers or emergency laws declared. Do not work, watch TV, go online, shop or leave the house. Bring the global economy to a halt. If you don’t consume the media, you cannot be propagandized into believing the fear-mongering of the powers that be. No work and no consumption means all the powerful will be rendered powerless. The only way to hurt them is to hurt them in the pocketbook. Our nonviolent revolution can be an example that will be spread all over the world. These are our collective demands:

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